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Welcome to the Regina Pottery Collectors' Site; a resource site for collectors of Gouda pottery from the Regina factory. Established on June 7th, 2004, the site has attracted visitors from over seventy countries around the globe!

The Regina factory, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Regina, existed from 1898 to 1979. In 1917, Regina began the production of art pottery or "plateel". The various design periods, along with reference material for the Gouda collector, are the focus of this site.

We hope that you find the site informative and discover why we are passionate about Regina!


Requests for Information

Looking for information about that Regina vase you found in an antique shop? Selling an item at auction and looking to determine value? We are delighted to assist; click on the envelope to email your questions. Remember that a picture is always helpful in making any determination.

We'll do our best to provide informative answers in a timely fashion. Keep in mind... this is our passion not our profession!


All things Regina

We collect all things Regina but nothing is more precious to us than learning about our favorite topic. If you have content for the site, see mistakes or simply want to talk Regina, send us an email!

Warmest regards,

Joe and Suzanne

Unknown Decor

Unknown Decors

We do our best to identify, with certainty, each decor we post to the site. Occasionally, we are presented with items that, regardless of effort, refuse to give up their secrets.

At the end of the Matte and Gloss galleries are several "Unknowns"; one of the items in the Commissions gallery is also unknown.

If you can identify any of these decors, with certainty, we will mail you a splendid gift for your achievement. The item above is one of the mystery decors... good luck!